My First Half Marathon

My First Half Marathon

2015-09-12 14.05.27

Once I swore never to do a longer run than my 6 K run, but then I did a couple of 8-10 K´s and then 12 K. I found myself being motivated by my own accomplishment and decided to try a half marathon in September 2015. I didn’t really train after a program and my longest run two weeks before was a 16 K.

In April 2015 I started running with Marathon Sport running club, we did intervals every Monday. I continued my training with them until my competition, before I started in the club my longest run was a 10 K. Read more about the free club here:

The coach told me I should do a shorter run 6-7 K during the week and a longer in the weekend, he told me start building more kilometers on my 10 K, but slowly, maximum 10% per week, so I did.

It was really exiting to participate, Copenhagen was more or less shut down for all the runners, there was people on the entire route, cheering, clapping and it made it even more fun. I placed myself between the pace holders of 1.45 and 1.50. I was dedicated to finish below 2 hours.

I was so focused and I didn’t reach for water and haven’t given any thoughts to energy gels. Actually I was so nervous so my breakfast that morning was vegetable juice and since I normally dont eat rice, pasta etc. I never gave it a thought to fuel up.

2016-02-22 00.15.19-1

I felt really good and my pace was amazing, I looked a couple of times and my watch said 5,18, I was so satisfied and proud, but at 17,5 K it was like I ran into a wall, suddenly the pace holders went past me and no matter how fast I ran, they were long gone, my legs felt heavy and my energy was completely gone, it was a struggle with myself, my mindset was not to stop, I grabbed some water while running, but it was impossible to drink it,while running, but I couldn’t let myself stop. No way!

19,5 K I heard someone call out my name, “Come on Joanna, you can do it!” “Run, you are almost there” “Get yourself more upright, run, run” My friend Cathrine who has done so many Marathons, and Ironman cheered for me and she started to run by my side on the sidewalk. It Actually worked, she gave me energy to finish and when I saw the finish line, I speeded up, I was there, I did it! I actually did it.

I was proud, I am proud and I´m doing it again, because of the experience, it was absolutely amazing and next time I can compete with myself and that just makes it more fun, I´m gonna bet my own time.

If I haven’t scared you with my story and you wanna try a 1/2 marathon, heres an excellent program

Enjoy your run.


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