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Joanna Jørgensen. Sep. 2014
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Photographer: Tania Gibson

I´m not the type of trainer that screams in your face, it´s not my style. I´m not here to judge and I´m not stating my approach are perfect. It is for you to decide what type of trainer motivates you.

I see different aspects of my job as a coach. I believe that my capacity as a coach, should get you past your limits, help you overcome obstacles and encourage you to change your life for the better. I believe in customized training programs, off course some programs can have certain similarities, if the goals are close to each other, but in the overall picture all people are different.

As a trainer there will be spend a lot of time listening to life stories, work life and kids stories. The trainer you choose should match your personality. In the end that is what it all comes down to; A good trainer who understands your goals and can get you to maintain you’re new lifestyle long after you stopped.

Any fitness entusiast can give you a hard workout and make you sore. Any trainer can help you with a plan and you will likely get in better shape than you are now.

But if you are going to spend money and time, please go to a trainer that cares about your life. Find one that wants the best for you, and won?t just do or say things you like to hear. Someone who makes you enjoy the process.

I have found that this is the most inspirational for me.



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