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Lately there has been a lot of articles about the “ideal” female body shape, and there are a lot of opinions. I´m not stating one is better than they other, I think its more important to focus on the real matter, public health and its growing overweight.

I have never been overweight, I dont know how that feels. I have always been tiny and for many years my weight was very steady, 43 kg with a body fat percentage of 17%.

A lot of trainers have been fighting overweight themselves and people tends to relate to them, which is understandable.

However its not easier to be tiny and people tend to comment on how skinny you look, actually I never heard about anyone saying to a overweighted person, “shouldn’t you stop eating”, or “are you sure you want to eat that…” My entire upbringing has been with comments like “your to skinny”, “you look like you will break”,” you look sick”.

In my point of view thats completely unnecessary and mean. Luckily I never took the comments personal. I actually never really thought much about my body shape, not even in my twenties. I just went to the gym on a daily basis because it was good for me and my autoimmune illness Morbus Bechterew.

It wasn’t until I started as a personal trainer, where its more or less forced on you to take a opinion on how a body shape should look like. I realized that many girls want to look very slim and be strong, so how I look, except, I never went for a specific look, I did my different training routines because I enjoyed it, my body shape shape was the benefits, not they other way around.

When I changed my training I gained weight and my body percentage decreased. Today Im 47 kg and body fat around 13% it hasn’t been my purpose, I just found some fun in running, calisthenics and I made my daily circuit trainings including weights. I never thought about how my body would change it just did.

Im sorry if this offend you, but Im a little tired to hear about people body shaming six-packs and slim girls, especially other trainers, I look like this because I like to train the way I do, I look like this because I like the food I eat, I do have a life, I dont see it as a life full of restrictions, Im not eating synthetic color food to enjoy my friday night, but that doesn’t make me or my life less boring, it just makes me life a healthier longer life, because I chose good organic not processed food.

According to our Government Heath department and Denmark’s Statistic

  • 47 % of the adult population in Denmark are overweight (BMI?25).
  • Omkring 13 % of the population are extreme overweight (BMI?30)

Instead of discussing if a girl should have a sixpack ore not, shouldn’t the focus be how we came to a point where we have a sociaty with more people who are overweight and how much it cost.

Isn’t it more interesting, to look in to what we can do about it?

We have more options today, the snack repetoire is wider and the selections are huge, the sizes are bigger and the healthy choices more expensive, which makes no sense.

What do you think we should do about the problem?

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