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Adidas Adistar Boost Running Shoe

2016-03-13 13.14.06

Boost technology releases energy more efficiently and provides the highest energy return on every step and adistar are one of the best running shoes to transfer the energy from the heel to the forefoot landing. Note that this shoe is not for midt -or forefoot landing.

Adistar is for the runner who has neutral pronation, but even if you have a slightly under pronation, adistar can be a good option.

Its an all-round running shoe, it can be used both on asphalt, gravel and forest, but with relatively firm ground, not on uneven terrain. I have tested the shoe on all above mentioned under layers and it has matched my needs on all three.

The shoe adapts to the foot’s arch. In addition, this helps to ease muscle effort during both running and walking. The arch support in Adidas Adistar Boost is lightweight, which means that the forefoot and heel area can move independently for better stability. If you are wearing a shoe with good arch support, it will be easier for you to run long distances.

Comfort is absolutely not a problem with Adistar Boost, its medium in stiffness and it sits very well on the heel, it is really soft and comfortable to run in.

This is one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever tried. Its new successor is the Ultra Boost ST, Im very exited to try it out.




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