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Im Perfectly Imperfect

2016-05-12 16.01.41

I just love that phrase… It makes SO much sense in my world and I think every woman, should embrace that sentence. Why especially woman? Well…, Because we are the worst to judge ourself, we want everything to be perfect, we are brought up with the imagination of the perfect fairytale and there is nothing wrong with wanting a fairytale, but its not real, its a myth and we actually live in a world where we have to face some obsticles and opportunities, which isn’t dragons or evil spirits, well there is something about evil woman, in both the fairytales and in the real world, but it depends on our perception. If we STOP to focus on what others might think and FOCUS on ourself and what we think about ourself, we won’t even notice what “evil others” thinks, says or do.

I dont always look perfect, my outfit is not always perfect, my appartment is not always perfect etc., I definately wish I did a better job keeping everything tight and need at home, but instead of wasting my time and energy on it, I just accept it, thats life, Im living it, I have chosen to focus on the bigger picture.

I focus on, how many lifes I affect in a positive way every single day. That I am capable of achieving something great every day, even the small things. Every time I learn something new, I eventually get better, it might never be perfect at all, but Im growing everyday.

Last Friday I went to a blogger event, I didn’t knew a single one, well actually I knew who three of the listed girls was, but I didn’t really knew them and there I was, 3o minuets late, just literally stumbled in through the door. All the girls was sweet and beautiful, everyone knew each other. I introduced myself and while standing there on my own two feet, with my drink in one hand, being all polite and smiling, I was thinking to myself what the bleep am I doing here…

I felt a bit out of my comfort zone, in a bar with a drink. Im a 36 year old woman, not married, not engage, no kids, a small but great apartment in the perfect end of the city (in my point of view) Im not really a blogger like these girls. Instead I have my own private gym and Im interested in entrepreneurship, personal development, organic health, home interior and fitness lifestyle and yet somehow it occurred to me I am actually a influencer, I do that every single day, so off cource I fitted in.

Short after I arrived, a friend and client of mine came, she´s been a blogger for many years and she knows all of the girls and she whispered to me: “I know every dirty little secret of each and everyone of them, (but their secrets are safe with me, I wouldn’t kiss and tell)” and suddenly I felt much more relaxed, looking around on the girls, I realized, most of them have the same kind of problems as everybody else and thats ok. Most public figures wants to show the best version of themselve and be a person who can inspire others with their ideas or way of living. We all love to be inspired, but behind the scenes none of us are perfect and we shouldn’t be.

And then it acquired to me, that many woman dress up to impress each other , they dont actually dress up to impress men, (especially not in a all woman blogger event). And most of us woman are actually very critical towards ourself.

My point is no one are perfect and before you get to unsatisfied with your so called normal life, just imagine how your life would look if you only presented the very best of it. It wouldn’t be a lie, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth.

What would happen if you just accepted your life and your imperfections as they were? And saw your life through a linse of appreciation and oportunity?

If you want the skills of feeling better about yourself or your life, start by making a list of everything you are appreciating, your unique strengths, skills, your values for life and all your greatest experiences, every single little detail about yourself, where you feel proud.

My Challenge to firstly make the list and secondly read the list out loud to yourself, while looking in the mirror everyday, for 30 days, it might seem silly at first but it can do wonders.

What do these woman have in common Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, Beyonce, Wozniacki, they dont focus on trying to be perfect, but they constantly focus on becoming a better version of themselves and are accepting their imperfections.

Your state of mind is not something that happens to you, its a daily choice. Im not saying that its easy but its definitely worth they effort.

Are you ready to accept your imperfection and instead focusing on creating your own story of succes?




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