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New Restaurant The Market Cph

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Last week we went to a new opened restaurant in Copenhagen called The Market Cph, I was actually surprised that is was possible to book a table online, but when we came to the restaurant the only seating we had was in the window, (like a
private bar seating), which would be fine, if we was notified when booking the table. I felt a little bit uncomfortable because, we where placed with our back to the entire restaurant and the waiters went back and forth behind us. I hope the restaurant will remember to change that on their webpage, when booking a table. http://themarketcph.dk

Beside our seating, the restaurant is very cozy, theres a beautiful big bar in one end and the kitchen in they other, theres a nice selection of wines on the menu and I really enjoyed my rosé I ordered. When I ordered my glass of rosé the waiter came and kindly offered me to taste it, but then she poured what looked like a big zip in my glass and she wasn’t sure about what kind of beer they had, (Fair enough, its a new opening).

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We made our order a starter and main course and enjoyed the atmosphere which is actually quite nice, its like a hidden warm cage with wooden furnitures. Its fare from a typical Asian restaurant, its very noticeable that the kitchen is a fusion, inspired by different Asian cousines. If you expect an all Asian restaurant, this is not the place. The food is very good, we both ordered fish and expected our plates to be with fish and what one would normally expect served with fish, instead we had nothing other than the fish, this is not uncommon in certain restaurants, but if thats the case, one would expect a waiter to tell. Well we ordered our vegetables etc. on the side.

The waiter luckily came and poured some more wine and excused themself because it was their first night with actually paying guest, the day before they had held a opening for the bloggers and colleagues.

I am absolutely not easy to impress, firstly I am half Asian, secondly I am very critical of what I am eating because of several allergies and I am focused on restaurants are capable to accommodate a healthy lifestyle as well.

After our dinner we thought about ordering dessert but we didn’t felt like it and felt the restaurant is a little bit pricy compared to other restaurants in that caliber, but definitely a cozy place. Overall I would give them 3,5-4 stars out of 6.


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