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Sailing With USOne Sailing Team

2016-05-11 21.31.59-2

I went sailing with the US One Team, our friend Mathilde arranged it all, she is a sailer in the Danish royal yacht club http://www.kdy.dk and a runner in our adidas group so it made sense to capture this opportunity.

The US One team are sponsored by adidas and the similarity for those guys and us are the community that they build up with each other, they depend on each other and as a team they reach goals.

If you want to know more about the US One team check them out here http://www.usonesailing.com

I like the way they work as a team, its about common ground and friendship. I want to believe our group, our adidas community as runners are alike the US One Sailing team. Its not whos the fastest runner, but about our community as runners, that we support each other in the different races. Having your teammates cheering for you and counting on you makes a huge difference.



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