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VO2 Max Test


I had a test done in March and I could definitely have pushed myself a little bit more, but honestly I was a little bit nervous and I felt a little bit insecure once I had the mask on, I was only able to breath through a hole in the mask and I couldn’t see my feet on the treadmill.

Next time, I expect more from myself, not only have I tried it before, but my training has increased since then.

But what is the idea with this test?

AdidasLabSimply put, the VO2 test is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize. In a VO2 max test, you?re hooked up to a breathing mask while you undergo a progressively treadmill test. The volume (V) of oxygen (O2) that you consume while running on a treadmill will be measured and while your heart rate will go up, the machine takes the following into account.

  1. How many red blood cells you have.
  2. How good your muscles are to adapt.
  3. How much blood your heart can pump.

The test will provide you with several numbers one is your VO2 number, mine was 52,4 which is more than quite good.

But there are always room for improvement so how do to improve your VO2 max, would be interval training. I am running a half marathon this Saturday in Göteborg and after that race I have a mini triathlon but then I will start focusing on my very first Marathon and I think it would be fun to have this test made once more and then have a new training program.


Do everyone need a test like this, nope, but if you are interested in your health, in performance and to monitor your progression, I think this is a fun and interesting way to check your ability and improve them. On this website you can book an appointment and get at training program to improve your numbers.


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