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IForm KvindeTri – part 1

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“You’re a personal trainer and in good shape, this is easy for you”

– When working as a personal trainer, people often think you’re in a very good shape and there could be something about that, but training for a overall good shape and being a good triathlete, are two very different things.

I love being active, I usually run 2-3x a week and combine strength training with gymnastics and high intensity 2-3x a week and like to push 1x yoga in my schedule per week.

My friend Cathrine, is very cool and she is extremely modest about it, but she’s a real Iron lady and I have always admired her and other woman, who are competing. There is something amazing about being able to master and adapt your body into 3 very different disciplines. I wouldn’t have challenged my self if it wasn’t for her.

With only one week’s preparation for Iform woman TRI, I made a checklist:

Bicycle helmet
Running shoes

My original plan was to race on my city bike, instead I went shopping (like a last minute party invite and you rush out to get a new dress) and bought a used racing bike, I also needed a new bike helmet. Stadium just launched a new bike line.


The helmet has Mips, which stands for Multi directional impact protection system. It is developed by specialists in the area around the prevention of brain injuries by rotation crash. A rotation crash could be a fall out over the handlebars where you hit an edge or surface in a “skewed” angle. Here Mips protection system reduce the risk of brain damage.

– 3200 kr. Poorer, I was on my way to collect my ticket, on my new racing bike and with my new helmet.

The injuries you can get from not using a helmet can ruin your life, better be safe than sorry.


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